Clothes that make you healthier.

We never use any chemicals or plastics in our fabric. 100% Paraben free. We are so sick or hormonal issues.

Our Story

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Our founder

I threw out my entire closet.

My name is Emily and I got fed up with my clothes making me sick. (Of course it's only one of many things that does) but one night it hit me that the companies want money and they don't want us healthy, so I looked through everything. 90% of my clothes ended up in the trash. Thats how I started this company.

I finally found linen shirts and they are wonderful! Thank you!

Jonny Backstreet

"I thew out 90% of my closet and replaced it with clothes from y'all!"

Mellisa Rou

Your wool blankets are the best deal I could find!

Jackie Meg

"All their products are good for your skin! Paraben fee. YES!"

Donny The Ogre